Even though its simplicity deters potential customers, the Vlone logo is universally recognized and extremely popular. If you want a Vlone-styled item, expect to pay more than if it wasn’t made of Vlone.

Understanding the meaning of history:

There are three co-founders of the Vlone brand, including hip-hop collective A$AP Mob’s A$AP Bari and A$AP Rocky, and CLOT’s Edison Chen. The brand doesn’t belong to either high fashion or streetwear; it’s more of a lifestyle brand, said, Bari. Harlem, an area in New York where A$AP was born, was a major influence on the brand’s DNA.

Symbols of Authority

Featuring the name of the brand in an easily readable serif font, the Vlone logo is the primary visual identification of the brand. Symbolic forms seem longer than they are supposed to be, while the letters themselves are smaller and flatter. With the help of colors, the word can be divided into two unrelated sections. Although “lone” text can be any color that you desire, including black or white, the “V” is always given a colorful, bright, bright color including red, green, blue, and many more.

The Friends of – Symbol

Many people are confused by the meaning of the text “Friends –“ which can also be found on many T-shirts, hoodies, and other items. As per A$AP Bari, the minus sign indicates a “Zero Friends” subtext, which, therefore, indicates “No Friends.” In simple language, it describes “alone” or “vlone.”

It has a circle frame around it in some versions, and there is no circle frame around it in others. As a result, the minus, which appears as always without the frame, became unclear, making the meaning of the logo unclear. A person’s attention is drawn to it when the circle frame surrounds the “-,” making him or her muse about what it could mean.

The “V” Symbol

Vlone brand logo comes in one more variation. Friend logo is usually found on the back of items of clothing. There’s a large letter “V” impersonating an inscription on the wall made in an odd font. The same logo may also appear in a variation where the letter “V” is contained inside a circle.

 There’s a font for that!

Though the “V” emblem appears more distinctive, it has a font comparatively different from the regular Vlone logo. Based on the font’s design, it looks like Bundy Yellow.

There’s also a Color for that!

Emblems vary in color and size according to the fabric they are placed on because the colored fabric determines the material as well. The lettering “LONE” on the black background will typically be white, whereas on the white background the lettering will usually be black. The “V” may come in a large variety of colors. The Friends logo and “V” are more often chosen in black and orange.